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From left: Coordinator of Retail Insured Family Association of Nigeria, Chief Ali Ugwu Theophilus and representative of the Inspector General of Police, P.J. Mahanan at the event.

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May 15, 2015
3 Major Reasons for Consumer Protection
by Len Feltoon

Group Legal Plans Give Necessary Support

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People will often wonder why there is so much government presence in their lives. They may question why bureaucracy is necessary at all. There are some cases where government protection is absolutely necessary and consumer protection is one of them. An ordinary consumer has the right to a sense of security about the products and services purchased in the marketplace. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services has offered consumer protection advice as a group legal plan benefit for years. We feel there are strong reasons for such support.

1.To Protect against Poor Quality

Companies rarely produce shoddy products on purpose. However, manufacturers may be tempted to use low-quality material in making certain appliances, causing them to be defective. This type of production can only be prevented if a consumer protection complaint is filed. A lawyer as part of the group legal services benefit can advise a plan member of what constitutes a legitimate complaint, and how to go about filing it. A successful complaint can cause a manufacturer to stop production.

2.To Stop Unethical Practices

The modern economy is fiercely competitive and unethical business owners will cut corners without regard to the health or safety of the consumers. Unethical practices also produce incredibly bad service

and no consumer should have to deal with it. One of the group legal services a Countrywide attorney provides is information about fraud or what constitutes a defective product. He or she educates a group legal plan member on what consumer rights they have and how redress can be best achieved. If unethical practices merit a court case being filed, Countrywide attorneys will help plan members prepare the case to go before the Small Claims court.

3. To See Consumer Justice Is Done

States have various laws protecting the consumer, which sometimes are ignored by business. One group legal services benefit that can be performed is correspondence. The Countrywide attorney can send a letter on official stationary to a business telling them of their defective product. This can cause the establishment to reimburse the plan member. The letter can also alert a store to problems with the product so that it can be taken off the shelves, removing bad merchandise so others won’t purchase it accidentally. Of course, the attorney’s assistance in filing a formal complaint with consumer protection can have a public agency step in and resolve the matter.

Countrywide Wants to Keep Consumers Safe

Defective products can be dangerous. When a plan member needs consumer protection advice the Countrywide attorney moves quickly. The right counsel is given as a necessary part of the group legal services provided, and options are explained patiently to the plan member. Delays in performing needed help will not happen. Countrywide administration is purposely designed to facilitate services being provided to an individual. A consumer who is having problems with preparing the paperwork for filing a complaint is assisted by the Countrywide attorney. A solid resolution is what ultimately happens because Countrywide provides highly effective legal assistance.

Any unethical practices and protecting a consumer are major reasons why Countrywide offers its support to plan members. We want everyone to get their money’s worth when they purchase something, and not have to worry about safety problems. The consumer protection is one of the benefit options that we provide for our group legal plan clients. However, it is part of the final plan design if it is what the organization wants. We will tailor things to meet the needs of a client, offering suggestions but not insisting that they be implemented. At the end of the day we furnish a plan document that is exactly what the organization wants. Our variety of benefit options are the best in the industry and we welcome any opportunity to explain them in greater detail to interested parties.