RIFAN is the membership oriented association which is designed to sanitize the insurance industry in Nigeria in order to enhance the growth of the insurance industry by providing a transparent alternative to insurance claims using a state-of-art internet portal.

RIFAN has deployed a platform, RIFAN Online Marketplace (ROM), a technology solution to resolve all issues relating to the purchase of an insurance cover and claims settlement where insurers can sell genuine insurance covers to its numerous members with an agreement to settle all claims within two weeks after due diligence. ROM portal is set to create wealth for the nation through renewed confidence in the purchase of Insurance and deepening insurance penetration in Nigeria.

1. We will buy insurance for all our members at a discount rate.

2. We will ensure settlement of all insurance claims within two (2) weeks maximum after proper documentation.

Insurance companies sell complex promises and invariably there is the tendency for discrimination and abuse against customers. At RIFAN, our task is to ensure that the interests of insurance consumers are protected at all times. Every class of member at RIFAN do not have to worry about their insurance covers and claims. We handle all your Insurance needs and complaints expeditiously.

Our mandates are as follows, among others: