Retail Insured Family Association of Nigeria (RIFAN) is an independent, national, non-profit, membership-based organization. We are an association of the insuring public with the primary objective of bringing confidence to the insured enhancing insurance growth in Nigeria.

We are a Retail Insured Family Association of Nigeria, or simply RIFAN. An independent, national, non-profit, membership-based association of the Nigerian insuring public with the primary objective of bringing confidence to the insured, thereby enhancing the growth of insurance in Nigeria.

RIFAN membership gives you a voice through which you can ensure that your insurance claims are attended to expeditiously and are settled within the shortest possible time frame. We are committed to bringing confidence to the insured. RIFAN has deployed a platform, RIFAN Online Marketplace (ROM), a technology solution to resolve all issues relating to the purchase of an insurance cover and claims settlement where insurers can sell genuine insurance covers to its numerous members with an agreement to settle all claims within two weeks after due diligence. ROM portal is set to create wealth for the nation through renewed confidence in the purchase of Insurance and deepening insurance penetration in Nigeria.

RIFAN is built on Integrity, Efficiency, Empathy, and Relationship. We have a vision of being the most trusted, independent, national voice for consumers of all classes of insurance products and a pioneer to change public perception of insurance and instill confidence in the hearts of the public to buying insurance products in Nigeria.

RIFAN relies entirely on subscription from its numerous members for logistics and other expenses. We are not funded by any insurance company