There are three classes of  RIFAN membership:

  • Diamond Membership: The RIFAN Diamond Membership Subscription costs N5,000 annually and is our highest membership level. All members of our Board of Trustees, the RIFAN Management Team, and selected top-level stakeholders in the relevant industries are compulsory Diamond Members of RIFAN. A Diamond member has full access to all our resources and benefits.
  • Gold Membership: The RIFAN Gold Membership Subscription comprises all members who have paid the necessary annual subscriptions of N4,000 and who wish to enjoy the benefits of Gold membership. Gold membership offers exciting benefits.
  • Silver Membership: The RIFAN Silver Membership Subscription costs N2,500 per annum. It is specially designed for those who either have insurance cover or intend to have one and wants ‘peace of mind’ with their insurance cover and claim settlement, by becoming members of the RIFAN family. The Silver membership benefits make it the most popular membership type in RIFAN.

Any member can upgrade his current membership at any time. RIFAN reserves the right to disable any member from the association and deactivate his/her access to the association portal in the case of illegal behavior.

Please read the memberships  Terms and Conditions.