Many are skeptical about getting insurance in Africa and most especially in Nigeria and this comes with so many reasons. A few days ago, Benjamin Fernandes, a Tanzanian entrepreneur shared the following on his Twitter handle about insurance in Africa;

“Selling health insurance in Africa is hard, your competition is literally Jesus. In many African countries, less than 2% of the population has health insurance.

I’m curious if someone could flip the script on this one where the insurance company pays for the health care bill when the person is sick and have them sign up for the insurance plan for a certain time period? Could that potentially be a cheaper customer acquisition cost?

I guess it’s also relative, but I think maybe cheaper than all the tv ads, billboards, and radio ads to educate people on the importance of purchasing health insurance? Anyway, what do I know, I’ve never sold insurance. But, I’m always curious about non-traditional models.

Finally, if you don’t have health insurance, please buy it for yourself and your loved ones. Trust me, I’m a man of faith and also trust God, but, I’ve unfortunately faced the financial challenges of not having health insurance in this very specific example. Folded hands

Insurance companies in Africa I must say, still have a long way to go in sensitizing citizens on the importance/benefits of insurance. The government could also come into play by making a good number of insurance policies a mandatory commodity to begin with. This is just my own view, yours could be entirely different and may be considered an even better option.
Read up more about insurance in your country and its many benefits. Stay safe and have a fun-filled holiday!