Almond Productions promotes customer satisfaction

by Nike Popoola

Almond Productions Limited, promoters of the annual Insurance Consumers’ Forum, says it is committed to ensuring a platform for operators and the insuring public to promote better customer experience in the insurance industry.

A statement by the Chief Executive Officer, Almond Productions Limited, Faith Ughwode, said the ICF which started in 2013, provided a robust platform for interaction between insurance practitioners and the insuring public on issues that bothered on excellent customer service delivery.

Following the success of previous editions, she said it was ready for the 2019 edition that would hold in November in Lagos, with the theme, “Creating and sustaining positive customers experience key to insurance growth in Nigeria.”

The forum this year would be chaired by the Managing Director, WJE Integrated Resources Ltd, Mr GUS Wiggle,the firm said

She explained that the grand finale of the forum this year would be the 2019 Insurance Industry and Consumers Nite, which would take place in the evening of the same day.

“The Insurance Industry and Consumers Nite is a social platform aimed at demystifying the insurance industry and connecting with the entertainment industry to create awareness about the importance and benefits of insurance in a fun and relaxed atmosphere,” she stated.

Ughwode said the forum was bigger and better this year because of the scope of participants who were drawn from trade groups in the formal and informal sectors, federal and state government agencies and parastatals, officers from the various law enforcement agencies who had dealings with the enforcement of insurance in Nigeria.

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